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jeudi 17 mars 2011

365 : Abdul Ludbah

On croit souvent que les 365 sont construits sur les autoportraits. Pour en avoir vu beaucoup, je trouve que les projets constitués uniquement d'autoportraits ne sont pas souvent intéressants et j'en ai cité bien peu.

Abdul apparaît sur chaque photo de son second projet 365, mais il ne voulait pas prendre que des photos de son visage. Le résultat est plutôt intéressant, j'aime particulièrement les photos de ses mains.

Abdul Ludbah - 365

day eighteen | 365 v2: ... Miserable day today. Rained. A lot. Because of the weather conditions people had to leave work early so as not to be caught out ...

Dont really wear ties much to work.

Other than that a fairly ordinary day.

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day eighteen | 365 v2: ... par ©Abdul Ludbah

day twentyTwo | 365 v2: Cappuccino anyone? ... Well, almost ... lets just say I wont be making employee of the month at Costa. Tried to make the Schwuash sound to compensate. The result is what you see before you. I mean seriously, would you drink that?!?!

Liked how this came out (the picture not the Cappuccino). There are some water droplets on the table but as I didnt see them until I began to process and couldnt be bothered to re-shoot.

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day twentyTwo | 365 v2: Cappuccino anyone? ... par ©Abdul Ludbah

day fiftyFour | 365 v2: W ... <b>W - Double U</b>

For some reason couldnt get my thumbs to match up to form a proper w ...

For Gooses <a href="">ABC 365 February 2011</a> 

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day fiftyFour | 365 v2: W ... par ©Abdul Ludbah

day sixtyFive | 365 v2: ... Long day at work but it went quickly. Seems like the last couple of days Ive had to work for my pay!

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day sixtyFive | 365 v2: ... par ©Abdul Ludbah

day sixtySix | 365 v2: ... Couple of things I didnt like about this - the door in the background and ... the door in the background. This was a practice set-up for something else I had in mind but this sort of stuck. Adjusted contrast and brightness in LR.

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Convite Para Vida</a>

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day sixtySix | 365 v2: ... par ©Abdul Ludbah

day sixtySeven | 365 v2: ... Playing around with lighting ..

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day sixtySeven | 365 v2: ... par ©Abdul Ludbah

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