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lundi 31 octobre 2011

17 photos d'un des VolksWagen les plus connus

MAGIC BUS "Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus...
I want the Magic Bus, I want the Magic Bus, I want the Magic Bus...

I said, now Ive got my Magic Bus (Too much, the Magic Bus)
I said, now Ive got my Magic Bus (Too much, the Magic Bus)
I drive my baby every way (Too much, the Magic Bus)
Each time I go a different way (Too much, the Magic Bus)
I want it, i want it, I want it, I want it ...

Every day youll see the dust (Too much, the Magic Bus)
As I drive my baby in my Magic Bus (Too much, the Magic Bus) "

Santi Santi Santi: The WHO

"One of the most successful rock bands of all time will perform at an International event to celebrate 60 years of Volkswagen vans at the Hanover Exhibition Centre this weekend. The spirit of the untamed 1960s and 70s will be revived amidst five generations of Volkswagen Transporter vans and buses when Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey take to the stage.

We look forward to being part of a real cult event that is right up our alley, and we intend to rock Hanover,’ says Pete Townshend, the band’s creative mastermind.

I own a Volkswagen Bus together with my partner Rachel Fuller. And we used Volkswagen Buses as transport in our very early days as a band. It was the cool thing to do,’ the artist reminisced. It was a mobile hippy home, cult on wheels, and today, still, the Multivan is a great automobile.’

Rock legend, The Who, is tailor-made for the Volkswagen van and the special relationship between the two legends has been mirrored in several of their songs. We are thrilled that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles can be associated with this rock-group, comments Harald Schomburg, member of the board of management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Volkswagen Van and Bus owners attending the event can look forward to the evening’s live gig, when The Who performs hits like My Generation’, Magic Bus’, Who are you’, Can’t explain’ and Going Mobile’."

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MAGIC BUS par ©Marianone
Dusk Bus Volkswagen van chilling in an alleyway.
Dusk Bus par ©Grant Hutchinson
Shaggin Wagon Vintage and well put together VW. It had a tag on the back that said &quot;shaggin wagon&quot;. I guess when the van is a rockin, dont come a knockin.
Shaggin' Wagon par ©Jason Parks
Camper on the Beach Another roll of film through the vivitar wide &amp; slim....
Camper on the Beach par ©Andy Wilson
VW Thanks to Nesster for the<a href="">TTV layer</a> 

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VW par ©Kat...
"Fazo Carreto" (Explore)
.... Brinquedo em exposição de carros antigos.
VW Kombi
**A foto não foi editada, saiu do forno assim.
"Fazo Carreto" par ©William Droops
bavarian bulli Have a nice week all together

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bavarian bulli par ©wecand
Just missing some surfboards... By the beaches of Mazatlan, Mexico  

You know, as far back as I can remember, a VW van was our first family car...

And people thought we were rich.
Just missing some surfboards... par ©Josh Libatique
transporter stanco transporter <strong>tired</strong>

explore on front page, may 18 2010
transporter stanco par ©i k o
Combi  `78
Combi `78 par ©José Luis Ruiz
VW Samba
VW Samba par ©VW Escape
Split screen campervan
Split screen campervan par ©VW Escape
VW Bus with full Safari Windows
VW Bus with full Safari Windows par ©RightBrainPhotography
VW Camper 06
VW Camper 06 par ©Nick Foster
Sinalco par ©redronafets
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